SANSI 15W LED Grow Light Bulb, Daylight White Full Spectrum Grow Lights for Indoor Plants, LED Plant Light Bulbs for Indoor Garden Houseplants, Commercial Hydroponic Horticulture, E26 A21 120V

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Bring Sunshine Home Spectrum Knowledge380-400nm UV and Purple ray help form pigments and vitamin D, absorb phosphorus and aluminum.400-499nm Blue ray helps promote photosynthesis.500-599nm Green ray is meaningful for plant morphology.600-699nm Red ray is the most helpful for growth, bloom and fruiting.700-780nm FR help regulate physiological activities such as shading and flowering. SpecificationsLED Ratio: Red

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Bring Sunshine Home

Spectrum Knowledge
380-400nm UV and Purple ray help form pigments and vitamin D, absorb phosphorus and aluminum.
400-499nm Blue ray helps promote photosynthesis.
500-599nm Green ray is meaningful for plant morphology.
600-699nm Red ray is the most helpful for growth, bloom and fruiting.
700-780nm FR help regulate physiological activities such as shading and flowering.

LED Ratio: Red 37.43%, Blue 18.27%, Green 37.75%, FR 6.55%
Wattage: 15W
Input Voltage: 120V AC
Beam Angle: 60°
IP Rating: IP20
Material: ceramic+PC
Lumimous Flux: 1448 lumens
PPF: 50.6 μmol/s
Average PPFD: 111.56 μmol/s/m² (0.5m above plants)
Average PPFD: 27.94 μmol/s/m² (1m above plants)
Average PPFD: 12.42 μmol/s/m² (1.5m above plants)

Product Features

  • [FULL SPECTRUM] Unlike other brand’s grow lights which are composed of red chips and blue chips, SANSI mixes 380-780nm all wavelengths in every LED chip. This advanced optical structure ensures more uniform light distribution and more proper spectrum proportion—just like natural white sunlight
  • [FULL CYCLE] Every wavelength is meaningful for plants’ growth (see more wavelength knowledge in description below). SANSI LED grow bulbs simulate natural sunlight (including UV&IR), giving all spectrum your plants need, beneficial for whole phrase of growth from seed to harvest. More practical and easy to use
  • [GIFT FOR INDOOR PLANTS] A21 bulb, E26 base fit in lamp sockets easily. SANSI plant led bulbs are widely applied to hydroponics, greenhouse, farming, growth chamber, plant factory, indoor garden, houseplants, office plants such as fiddle leaf fig, ficus tree, palm tree, succulents, cactus, bonsai, orchid, herbs, lettuce, fruits…
  • [PATENTED TECHNOLOGY] Unlike other brand’s plant lights which rely on plastic or aluminum heat sink, SANSI adopts patented ceramic technology and unique hollow-out structure to improve heat dissipation efficiency, prolonging bulb’s lifetime to 25000 hrs. 15W LED Equivalent to 150W, energy saving, instant on, flicker free, near 5000k
  • [USE AND SERVICE] Recommended coverage area up to 3.6 square feet mounted 12″-39″ above plants, lighting time 10-12 hrs, depends on different plants. Average PPFD is 111.56 μmol/s/m² based on 19.7″ above plants. 5-year warranty and friendly customer service mean you are covered for replacement or refund should there be any quality issues


Anonymous says:

Great Bulb

Customer Video Review Length:: 0:38 Mins The plants I brought in for the winter were looking pretty bad. I bought this bulb and put in a ceiling light and put plants on table underneath and they look fabulous! I was just hoping they would survive, never dreamed they would thrive!

Anonymous says:

Daylight dupe, narrow beam I have two of these, and the Sansi 30W, a clip on blue/red grow lamp, and a SAD lamp from another company. These are the closest to daylight, especially morning light (but not a replacement for a SAD lamp as it’s not enough lumens). I have one in my windowless bathroom and one in the dark living room on timers. The bathroom one, the way the light comes out the door, from the hallway you’d think there was a window in there. It exactly matches the morning light coming in from a nearby east facing…

Anonymous says:

Low heat So far it’s working very well for my indoor plants during the winter. Very low heat and very bright

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